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Home Heating Oil Additive in Massachusetts

At Bottom Line Oil, we can provide a home heating oil additive. To keep your heating system working great, we recommend you add a heating oil treatment to your order. Heating oil treatments prevent problems before they arise, and they take care of them when they do.  

Water and Weather Can Cause Heating Oil Issues

It’s inevitable that some water will get into the home heating oil. When heating oil is pumped into a house, it can cause condensation to develop. Wet weather can also allow water to seep into the tank. Inside a basement oil tank, water can grow algae and cause sludge and gum to build up. Filters can strain out the dirt. However, filters aren't able to strain out the water.

Aside from water, cold weather can also cause problems for fuel oil, especially when it's stored in an outdoor tank or in an uninsulated basement. On winter days, the fuel inside the tanks can get cold and reach its cloud point temperature. At this temperature, the oil crystallizes and forms wax buildup, which yields high-pressure losses, maximizes stress on restarting the flow, and leads to more wax deposits on surfaces.

Benefits of Heating Oil Treatment

Water, sludge, and gum buildup can shorten the lifespan of your heating system. A HOT additive can dissolve gum and sludge helping the fuel to run smoothly and burn cleanly. These effects combined increases fuel efficiency, and they can reduce soot and smoke when fuel is burning. A HOT treatment also lowers the cloud point temperature of the fuel to prevent crystallization in your tank during the coldest winter weather.

We are one of the largest oil dealers in the area. Add a HOT Treatment to your fuel order today, and we'll drop it off on your next delivery. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your order or the ordering process.


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